Flower Containers

I enjoy making containers for flowers. Because of my Japanese aesthetic background, I take a somewhat different approach to these containers. Instead of being a focal point, the containers are a supportive part of the arrangement.

The word for vase in Japanese is either “hanaire” or “hanaike”, meaning to put or arrange flowers in.  The containers for ikebana are generally quite simple, as the objective is for the viewer to focus on the flowers.“Ikebana”, or the art of flower arrangement emphasizes various parts of the plant such as the stems, leaves, and flowers. It emphasizes form, line, and shape. The arrangement in a container becomes an art form, in itself, with the container being part of that whole.

The following containers are either wheel thrown or slab built in stoneware, with applied glazes. The flower arrangements seen in some of the pieces were created by ikebana master Libby Campbell.